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John Barry
Out Of Africa
Drager: cd
Genre: Soundtrack
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Artiest : John Barry
Titel : Out Of Africa

1. I Had A Farm - Main Title
2. Alone On The Farm
3. Karen And Denys
4. Have You Got A Story For Me
5. I`M Better At Hello
6. Mozart: Clarinet Concerto In A Major, K622 (Adagio)
7. Karen`S Journey Starts
8. Karen`S Journey Ends
9. Karen`S Return From Border
10. Karen Builds A School
11. Harvest
12. Safari
13. Flight over Africa
14. Beach at Night
15. You`Ll Keep Me Then
16. If I Knew A Song Of Africa
17. You Are Karen M`Sabu
18. Out Of Africa (End Credits)