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The Style Council
The Style Council
Drager: cd
Genre: Rock
Artiest : The Style Council
Titel : The Style Council



1. Shout To The Top
2. It Didn`t Matter
3. Life At A Top Peoples Health Farm
4. You`re The Best Thing - Long Version
5. Speak Like A Child
6. Angel
7. All Gone Away
8. Changing Of The Guard
9. Blue Cafe (Instrumental)
10. Walls Come Tumbling Down! (Live)
11. Headstart For Happiness (Live)
12. The Cost Of Loving
13. Here`s One That Got Away
14. The Story Of Someone`s Shoe
15. Boy Who Cried Wolf
16. Waiting
17. How She Threw It All Away
18. My Ever Changing Moods (Live)