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Christina Aguilera
Back To Basics: Live And Down Under
Drager: dvd muziek
Genre: Pop
Artiest : Christina Aguilera
Titel : Back To Basics: Live And Down Under



1. Intro: Back To Basics
2. Ain`t No Other Man
3. Back In The Day
4. Understand
5. Come On Over (Jazz Version)
6. Slow Down Baby
7. Still Dirrty
8. I Got Trouble (Video Interlude)
9. Makes Me Wanna Pray
10. What A Girl Wants (Reggae Version)
11. Oh Mother
12. Enter The Circus
13. Welcome
14. Dirrty (Circus Version)
15. Candyman
16. Nasty Naughty Boy
17. Hurt
18. Lady Marmalade
19. Encore: Thank You (Video Interlude)
20. Beautiful
21. Fighter