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Freddie Mercury
Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs
Drager: dvd muziek
Genre: Rock
Artiest : Freddie Mercury
Titel : Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs




1. Documentary: The Untold Story
2. Documentary: Telling The Untold Story (Behind The Scenes)
3. Barcelona
4. The Great Pretender
5. I Was Born To Love You
6. Time
7. How Can I Go On
8. Made In Heaven
9. Living On My Own
10. The Golden Boy
11. In My Defence
12. Barcelona (Live Version)
13. The Great Pretender (Extended Version)
14. Living On My Own (1993 Remix)
15. The Last Interview (Included Last Ever Filmed Interview With Freddie Mercury)
16. A View Forever (Story About The Freddie Mercury Statue In Montreux)
17. The Three Producers (Mike Moran, Mack & David Richards)
18. Interactive Photo Gallery