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The Moody Blues
Days Of Future Passed Live
Drager: blu-ray
Genre: Rock
Artiest : The Moody Blues
Titel : Days Of Future Passed Live



1. I`m Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)
2. The Voice
3. Steppin` In A Slide Zone
4. Say It With Love
5. Nervous
6. Your Wildest Dreams
7. Isn`t Life Strange
8. I Know You`re Out There Somewhere
9. The Story In Your Eyes
10. The Day Begins
11. Morning Glory
12. Dawn (Prelude)
13. Dawn Is A Feeling
14. The Morning (Prelude)
15. Another Morning
16. Lunch Break (Prelude)
17. Peak Hour
18. Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)
19. Evening (Time To Get Away)
20. The Sun Set (Prelude)
21. The Sun Set
22. Twilight (Prelude)
23. Twilight Time
24. Late Lament
25. Nights In White Satin
26. The Night (Finale)
27. Question
28. Ride My See-Saw
29. The Moody Blues Remember Days Of Future Passed